Release Notes


24 May 2023


New Feature


  1.  Now Multi-Selection Feature in Overtime.



  1. Redesign Goal Request Module.
  2. Redesign Self Appraisal Screen Module.
  3. Redesign the Appraisal Cycle Module.
  4. Redesign KRA Module.
  5. Redesign Competency Module.
  6. Redesign Skill Set Module.
  7. Optimize Attendance Activity Report.

Bugs Fixed


  • The published Job Openings Report is working.
  • The job opening status-wise report is working .
  • Candidate Screen Source None Filter is not working and also only the None filter can’t be selected in the Reports filter (Fixed).
  • The overtime Register Detail Report is working.
  • The overtime Register Summary Report is working.
  • The interview Screen Filter is not working (Fixed).
  • The job Opening vs Interviews report is working.
  • The asset Screen File Attachment issue has been fixed.


15 May 2023



  1. Now you can Add Target (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).
  2. Redesign Dept Module.
  3. When we update Target history will be maintained.
  4. Redesign Dashboard Sidebar Menu for all packages.

Bugs Fixed

  • Today’s Candidate Report is working.
  • Candidate By Source Report Report is working.
  • Candidate By Status Report Report is working.
  • JobOpenings vs Associated Candidates Report is working.
  • Interview vs User Report is working.
  • Interview vs Job Openings Report is working.
  • Job Openings by Type Report are working.
  • Fix the Calendar Overlapping issue in Recruitment Module.
  • Notification issue fixed for other Admins.
  • Support and Release Design issue fixed.


04 May 2023


Bugs Fixed


Recruitment Module Bugs Fixed

  • Error While Saving Candidate Information. (Fixed)
  • When we add Candidate Detail from Create a new on Candidate screen It shows a blank page. (Fixed)
  • Information Missing from Detail Candidate Detail Page. (Fixed)
  • Add Department button is not working on Job Opening Information=>Department. (Fixed)
  • Edit button design issue. Edit assessment screen. (Fixed)
  • Validation Issue on Educational Detail while Applying for a Job. Institute and Major work is Mandatory but there is no Mandatory sign on it. (Fixed)
  • Error while Applying on the job opening screen when we add the experience details. (Fixed)
  • Button design issue on quick view. (Fixed)
  • At the job opening screen issues in the timeline date and time and status changed from whose. (Fixed)
  • Showing Resume Multiple Locations. (Fixed)
  • At the job opening screen, the job view attachment of the job summary is not open. (Fixed)
  • Screen design issue.(Fixed)
  • At the job opening screen when we associate a different job with a candidate’s resume not open. (Fixed)
  • On the associate job opening screen records are here but it still shows no record found at the end jobs. (Fixed)
  • On the candidate screen create a new candidate screen and it shows a design issue. (Fixed)
  • Error when we want to view Resume on the Interview screen. Same with other screens like Candidate. If an employee uploaded Resume it will only reflect on the Job opening screen Candidates. (Fixed)
  • On the Candidate screen in experience details need to degree replace by designation. (Fixed)
  • The department title is missing on the interviewer screen. (Fixed)
  • On the candidate screen in detail, the view Mobile name is missing. (Fixed)
  • When we add experience details it shows Educational details are correct but need to header name educational replaced by experience. (Fixed)
  • On clicking the details of the job, the opening shows attachments and a set design. (Fixed)
  • On publishing jobs create social links automatically. (Fixed)
  • Experience details create an error. (Fixed)
  • When applying from the portal resume does not show. (Fixed)
  • Skills set, resume not showing in a quick watch. (Fixed)

Other Bugs


  • The payroll Pay Stub Report Issue has been fixed.
  • Payroll Reconciliation Report issue has been fixed.


03 May 2023

Bugs Fixed


  • The Detailed Payroll Report can’t be downloaded in Excel format has been fixed.
  • The search bar is not working on the payroll screen and has been fixed.
  • PF Report is not working and has been fixed.
  • Sometimes Run payroll screen shows no record found has been fixed.
  • When we click on the payslip screen reverting back to the main screen of the payroll process is fixed.
  • The payslip sent by email is not working and has been fixed.
  • The mobile restrict issue has been fixed.
  • Over Time issue has been fixed.
  • The strength and Attendance Only Packages Design have been fixed.


13 April 2023

Bugs Fixed:

  • Past and future date checks on the time of applying for leave have been
  • The maximum/Minimum Limit on Leave Checks has been fixed.
  • The leave type is not displayed at the time of approval has been fixed.
  • Include weekend on leave error has been fixed.
  • Leave Balance deduction is not correct when there is a holiday in between
    Leaves dates
  • The unpaid and paid leaves color on the Attendance screen should be
    different have been fixed
  • PF amount on salary slip for Permanent Withdraw. and admin side, ESS
    User, mobile app, PF report, bulk payslip, and send email slip are showing.


24 March 2023

To see details of this version with screenshots please visit this link.

New Features:


HR Letter Request

  • Now you can create a Letter (i.e. Experience Letter, Salary Slip, Business Definition, and Vocational Letter). Dealing with letters is easier and more cost- and time-effective when your organization has access to custom HR Request templates.

Location-based Payroll Processing & its approvals

  • With the implementation of our new payroll processing feature, we are now able to manage payroll for multiple work locations based on an approval system. You can assign rights and roles through the “Manage Roles” function in the setup. Additionally, organizations can set up approval workflows to ensure that payroll is properly reviewed and approved by the appropriate personnel before being processed. This feature offers enhanced control and oversight over the payroll process.

Location-based Documents

  • With the location-based document feature, organizations can store their internal documents, such as HR policies, in a central repository that is accessible only to authorized users from specified locations. This feature guarantees that all documents are stored securely in a centralized location, simplifying their management.

Monthly Inputs & approvals

  • You can now process monthly inputs for several work locations on Right Bases. These inputs may include financial data such as expenses and operational data such as sales figures, production output, and employee performance metrics. Monthly inputs on the right basis help to add the payroll inputs regularly and consistently provide accurate and relevant information after approval from the concerned team to support decision-making and operational activities within an organization.

Documents Expiry

  • The document expiry feature is a software functionality that helps organizations keep track of document expiration dates. It enables users to set expiration dates for various types of documents, such as contracts, licenses, certificates, and permits.

Off-Cycle Payroll

  • Off-cycle payroll is a type of payroll that is processed outside of the regular payroll schedule. It can pay employees for special or one-time events, such as bonuses, commissions, or overtime payments. The off-cycle payroll hierarchy includes four stages: Draft, Pending, Approved, and Finalized.


Bugs Fixed:

  • Contract Expiry Show to all Employees has been fixed.
  • Error While Creating a new Employee or User in Child Company has been fixed.
  • Comments on events have been fixed.
  • The pagination issue on the Assets Screen has been Fixed.